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Tips for choosing the RIGHT paint colors

Painting your home can often be very overwhelming. People tend to make the wrong choices based off of frustration and the end result is not pretty.  

I once had a client who chose a bright orange paint color and she cringed every time she would enter the room. When choosing paints colors for your space, always take into consideration the amount of natural light in that area. Also, you should take into consideration the amount of artificial light. With that being said, there are a few guidelines that you can follow for an easier design process.


Matching accessories to an accent wall is a great way to tie the room together…

My first word of advice to my clients is NEVER choose a wall color in a store. The lighting is never the same as your home and it will not look the same up on your walls. You need to choose a few samples to bring home and paint a sample on different walls in that space. Once dry, you will see which is the best color for your room.


Sometimes a bright color is a perfect fit for a small space.

Color has the ability to alter your mood. When choosing a wall color, you should decide if you want that space to be calm or bright and exciting. Most people choose a muted, more neutral wall color for their walls. To give the room some dimension and excitement,use a bold color as an accent wall . You can also use accent pieces, like pillows, throw blankets, rugs, and wall art to bring in a pop of color. This blends calming vibes with exciting elements to complete a space. It adds texture and warmth to make the room more welcoming. Also, it is easier to switch out accessories than is it to repaint once you are in need of a design change.

I’m a big believer in making your home flow. Each room should have colors that complement one another. Avoid a bland by not choosing the same color for every room. Additionally, using different clashing colors for each room can only make for a visual mess. Each room should transition into the next, giving way for a calm, elegant, and inviting feel.

Best of luck!

Micky Klein

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