About Us

Have you ever felt like you exist in two different worlds? Yes, we’re Jewish women, but we live in a secular society. We’re professionals, we’re busy moms, we’re givers and doers. We’ve been given gifts and talents, and we work hard to fit them within the structure of a Torah lifestyle.

Frum isn’t just kugels and schnitzel. It isn’t just sheitels and tichels. And it’s not just shells and opaque tights. Frum is a lifestyle that includes trendy fashion, gourmet food, healthy eating and sustainable living. Frum can be forward-thinking, fun, fabulous and, well, pretty fantastic!

Frumtastic is an online community/lifestyle blog that will touch on all the different aspects of our multi-faceted lives. We’ll share professional advice, provide you with enlightening ideas and keep you posted on the latest trends.


Our Team:

Marianna Feldman is Founder of Frumtastic. She was born in Moldova, moved to Brooklyn NY at age 8, worked on Wall Street, moved to Israel for 4 years, met her husband there, and now lives in Detroit.  She currently works as a freelance web designer and is always looking for new ventures to get involved in.

Stephanie Erez is Senior Editor at Frumtastic. She has a B.A. from the University of Michigan and an M.A. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She is an experienced writer, full-time mom, compassionate cynic and former a cappella soprano.